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The Natural Park of Bidderosa

The natural park of Bidderosa” is at a short distance from the hotel. Being under the protection of the Bureau of National Forests, it is easily reached on foot, through a path running across the wild vegetation of an unspoilt nature: pine trees, junipers, eucalyptuses and shrubs of the Mediterranean maquis.

Here it is possible to admire the lagoon Sa Curcurica, very interesting for its flora and fauna and the peak of Urcatu mountain, reachable by car or on foot, for a breathtaking view of the gulf from Berchida to Calaliberotto.

The protected oasis consists of five sandy beaches rich of pink rocks, junipers and wild lilies. You can get to the first, on foot, from Calaginepro, while the last one is close to Berchida beach.

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